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2021 - Seizing Opportunities to Connect the Industry

While 2021 was a year with many challenges, PMMI’s focus remained on finding ways to connect our industry – whether virtually or in person. From our virtual Executive Leadership Conference to the live PACK EXPO Las Vegas show, and everything in between, PMMI members came together to learn, share and conduct business.
Emmanuel Cerf, vice president, Polypack, Inc.
Chairman of the Board, PMMI

PMMI Chairman, Emmanuel Cerf, shares key highlights of 2021 and how we, as an industry association, helped bring the industry together.

2021: A Year in review

2021: A Year in Review

Our industry faced operational challenges, increased workforce shortages and unprecedented demands for products and services supplied by our members. PMMI members responded with more solutions and innovations than ever, keeping the industry moving forward.

A look at the many challenges faced by our industry, and how our members responded with more innovations and solutions than ever to keep the packaging and processing industry moving forward.

PMMI's Three Pillars

PMMI’s Three Pillars worked together to serve and connect the industry: Business Drivers helped members keep pace with the pulse of the industry, PACK EXPO brought buyers and suppliers together to see new technologies and discover solutions, and PMMI Media Group kept the industry on top of advancements and connected to each other throughout the year.
Jim Pittas

“The resilience, adaptability and flexibility of the packaging and processing industry were again tested as we started 2021 – and our industry proved we were up for the challenge. The success of PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, followed by our Annual Meeting indicates our industry has embraced the opportunity and is poised for continued growth.”



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393,164 impressions across all networks - 1,650 net total audience growth with a 7.4% increase in total audience across all networks
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In 2021, the podcast released 24 new episodes, with over 4,500 downloads.
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Tom Sioui

Slideways looks to PMMI Business Intelligence reports for a sense of where the industry is headed. The 2021 Economic Reports showed us our customers are on a good run. Sharing this with our employees built confidence and justified new capacity. The 2021 Industry reports such as Key Challenges for Packaging and Processing, and the End of Line report were shared with our sales staff to give them a bigger view of what our customers are facing. These reports have always been a great tool for maintaining focus, and become even more important during the last couple years.

Business drivers

Business Drivers

PMMI Business Drivers are benefits and tools that provide members with the information,
training and connections needed to grow and thrive.
Growing a business is never easy, especially when time is a finite resource. Find out how PMMI’s Business Drivers can help you and your company.

In 2021, many of the offerings were adapted to address the year’s unique business challenges.
Members Wanted to Stay In-The-Know...
Quickie Surveys
Business Intelligence
reports/white papers
Report/white paper
Members accessed
Resources to Address the Critical Shortage of Skilled Employees

Throughout 2021, PMMI U refreshed its free Career Toolkit, which provides resources to help address the critical shortage of skilled employees and help promote awareness of careers in the packaging and processing industry – including Day in the Life videos featuring industry professionals, sample career profiles and a Career Fair Promotion 101 Guide.  
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Providing Needed Financial Assistance
The PMMI U Skills Fund matches member company contributions up to $50,000 per year to support regional education programs of their choice and up to $10,000 per year for work-related, multi-employee corporate training initiatives. In 2021, PMMI provided more than $316,203 to regional education programs supported by PMMI Members. The Skills Fund also distributed over $117,975 in training funds to upskill our members’ current workforce.
The PMMI Foundation provides financial support for packaging and processing education throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2021, the PMMI Foundation awarded over $124,000 in academic scholarships, with $75,000 going to the Member Family Scholarship, supporting immediate family members of member company employees who are interested in packaging and processing as a career choice.

Going Global

Andina Pack - PMMI helped members reach international customers by hosting a pavilion at Andina Pack in Bogotá, Colombia – our first pavilion at an international trade show since 2019. Nine PMMI members joined us at the pavilion for coffee and networking.

Mexico’s Packaging Machinery Market Trends and Forecast

An in-depth and complete vision of the Mexican packaging machinery market, provided members with the latest research on Mexico’s economic, political, consumer and packaging trends.

Mexico Purchasing Index

New this year, the Mexico Edition Purchasing Index looked at project activity across five categories of the consumer-packaged goods industry, based on data collected by contributors to PMMI's Quarterly Purchasing Index Survey.

Connecting Members

Connecting Members

PMMI’s meetings were a mix of virtual and hybrid in 2021, including an in-person Annual Meeting for the first time in almost two years!

PMMI’s meetings are THE place where members connect with their peers and hear from industrys' most influential thought leaders. For the first time, the Joint Committee Meeting was held virtually in February – followed that spring by a virtual Executive Leadership Conference, attended by over 120 members and providing content on automation, predictive maintenance, an economic update, and more.
Automation Refresh
Learn about the latest production investment trends CPGs are implementing and what OEMs need to know.
In November, over 300 member executives came together to network and learn at PMMI’s Annual Meeting. Members had the opportunity to connect with their peers and hear from thought leaders on everything from automation to the economy to the voice of the customer. One highlight of the meeting was the tour of the Ford River Rouge plant where members had the opportunity to see automation in action from a new perspective.
Alan Beaulieu, speaker and president of Institute for Trend Research (ITR) Economics, shares how to plan and navigate with assurance during the ongoing uncertainties in 2022.

While 2021 was full of uncertainties, PMMI’s focus remained on providing meaningful ways to bring our industry together – whether virtually or in person. PMMI’s Vice President of Industry Services, Tom Egan, shares a few meeting highlights.


“I was quite impressed with the overall organization, speakers, accommodations, networking opportunities and the value that PMMI provides. It was the best professional event that I've experienced in more than 20 years in the industry.”  

“I thought the main speakers were very good. Really enjoyed the painter/motivational speaker, ITR’s Alan Beaulieu and the futurist. The tour of the Rouge and the Ford Museum were awesome! I really felt that I was recharged with both ideas and emotionally by the overall meeting agenda and people.”

“The whole conference was not only extremely well organized, but all the speakers and events were packed full of meaningful and useful information back-to-back. There was not a single down moment! The Ford Factory tour and Museum was also an amazing addition that really got my mind thinking about automation improvements.”
November 2021
association services

Association Services

PMMI’s Association Services department continues to provide support to other essential industry associations, including CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers, The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) and The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC). 2021 was a comeback year for trade shows and each association attended and promoted the return of PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, which received phenomenal results. Attendees had the opportunity to maximize their education at the show by also attending the  Cold Pressure Council (CPC) Annual Conference, where they could learn the latest on High Pressure Processing. The CPA also attended and promoted their partnership with PMMI during SNAXPO and Natural Products Expo East.

PMMI teamed up with IoPP to offer 100 complimentary student memberships to students participating in PMMI’s Amazing Packaging Race during PACK EXPO Las Vegas as well as serving as an Association Sponsor for the PACK EXPO Las Vegas Showcase of Packaging Innovations. PMMI and IoPP also collaborated in offering complimentary membership to the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) and the Emerging Leaders program to get them engaged in IoPP’s PackChat forum and Mentor Match program which connects IoPP members for a one-on-one IoPP focused mentorship on self-development and furthering career goals.


Wherever you are, and whatever your industry, there’s a PACK EXPO trade show for you. Whether you are looking for innovation in packaging or processing, or opportunities to accelerate your business, PACK EXPO is your connection. In 2021, PACK EXPO shows brought buyers and sellers together both in-person at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO and through our virtual offering, Enlace EXPO PACK.
The industry reunited and showed up in force at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO – making it the largest packaging and processing trade show in the U.S. in 2021.

Driving attendance was returning favorites – like The Processing Zone, Technology Excellence Awards, The Forum and new features like the PACK to the Future exhibit.

Networking flourished at events like the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network breakfast, with 500 attendees. And PACK EXPO Xpress provided on-demand content that was available through Nov. 19, 2021. Read more
new to the show
CEO/senior management
significant purchasing power
In June, Enlace EXPO PACK brought together over 120 exhibitors, including 22 PMMI Members, and more than 7,500 attendees for the only comprehensive online event for packaging and processing in Latin America.

Laura Thompson, PMMI’s VP of Trade Shows, focuses on the resilience of our industry, showcasing the success of PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO.

PMMI Media Group editors fully embraced digital formats, energized by the challenge of producing a five-day virtual packaging event. What we achieved for PACK EXPO Connects will shape our video and multi-channel content approach in 2021.

PMMI Media Group

Bringing buyers and sellers closer together
In 2021, the world saw a continuation of remote work and virtual events. With more of the buying process moving online, PMMI Media Group launched 3D machine tours to help end users explore equipment through self-guided, 3D tours. Across PMMI Media Group advertising solutions, we connected more than 500 advertisers with 225,000+ leads in 2021.

Joe Angel, President of PMMI Media Group, shares the success of their digital products and tools designed to help members connect with customers year-round.

Creating meaningful content
Readers spent more time viewing content on our websites in 2021 than the year before by an average of 78% across all brands.
Page views up
Page views up
Page views up
Page views up
Page views up
Page views up
PMMI Media Group Custom Research

PMMI Media Group Custom Research – Intelligence to Advance Your Business
Helped PMMI members with:

  • Voice of customer projects
  • Identifying unmet needs
  • Benchmarking brand performance
  • Developing thought leadership content
PMMI Media Group launches 3D Machine Tours to connect buyers and sellers year-round.
Schedule a 3D Machine Tour at your facility or from the trade show floor at PACK EXPO. Then, promote your tour as part of your virtual showroom, through PMMI Media Group advertising products, or through your own marketing channels.
engaging our networks

Engaging the Supply Chain

PMMI provides forums for OEM and CPG professionals to connect, discuss packaging and processing issues, share best practices and pursue professional development. This year, thought leaders worked together to develop solutions, create new programs and bring the industry together at several events.

Based on the OpX Leadership Network format and content from PMMI Business Intelligence reports, PMMI Manufacturing Excellence (MaX) is a new, collaborative Member Forum driving efficiencies and streamlining operations by…

• sharing best practices for optimizing business,
• convening share groups to discuss best practices, and
• developing focused training to improve operations.

Learn more here.

Ten emerging leaders received a 2021 On the Rise Award for bringing essential support, fresh ideas and new technologies to the industry. This year, the awards received 56 submissions from 53 member companies!
PMMI’s Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) serves as a platform for advancing women in our industry through events and thought leadership – and the group continued to re-energize and re-connect in-person and virtually throughout 2021.

Over 500 women (and men!) attended the PPWLN networking breakfast and panel discussion, The New World of Work, at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO.
Blogs by industry leaders including:
The Intersection of Engineering & Fitness, Marisa Henry
Creating a Roadmap for Your Career & Beyond, Lisa Propati
Building a Business Strategy for Success, Alicia Cannon
Emerging Leaders Voices: Ballet to Business, Lisa Barrieau

UnPACKed with PMMI podcasts including:
• Tracey Noonan, Wicked Good Cupcakes
• Help Wanted, and Fast! with guest Stephanie Neil, OEM Magazine
• Empathy & Authenticity Through CHAOS, Jan Tharp, Bumble Bee Seafood Company

Discover how PPWLN opens doors and empowers women to innovate the packaging and processing industries.

Patty Andersen

“The Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) has been a great vehicle for empowering women in the field by providing networking events and resources, and by uniting female leaders in a variety of industries to collectively provide inspiration, education and support. 

Manufacturing is still primarily a male dominated industry and it is important to focus on ways that we can work to advance the careers of women in packaging and processing. PPWLN has been very instrumental in providing an avenue for women to share information and initiate conversations around diversification of top talent in manufacturing and the overall increase of women’s presence in the industry.”

PMMI Leadership

PMMI Leadership

Emmanuel Cerf
Chairman of the Board
Polypack, Inc.
Patty Andersen
Vice Chairwoman
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Mark Anderson
Immediate Past Chairman
ProMach, Inc.
Andrew Barrieau
Felins USA, Incorporated
Greg Berguig
PAC Machinery
Margie Custin
Jake Garvey
Garvey Corporation
Sharron Gilbert
Septimatech Group Inc.
Matt Jones
Bruce Larson
BW Packaging Systems
Steve Mulder
Rockwell Automation
Dave Navin
Spee-Dee Packaging
Machinery, Inc.
Martin Prakken
BluePrint Automation (BPA)
Mike Odom
Kliklok LLC, a Syntegon company
Jonathon Titterton
Coesia Group
Nancy Wilson
Morrison Container Handling Solutions
Through video Q&As, PMMI Board of Directors share how they got their start in packaging and processing, how they benefit from involvement in PMMI and more.

Finishing 2021 Strong in Traditional Deficit Year

In the first (traditional deficit) year of PMMI’s 2-year budget cycle, PMMI projects to exceed its 2021 financial goals from operations
by $3,785,990. This positions PMMI to enter 2022 in strong financial condition.
President's message

Where we are, where we’re going

New member companies
Total member companies

The resilience and strength of our industry was tested in 2021, and we proved we were up for the challenge.

The resilience and strength of the packaging and processing industry were again tested as we started 2021 – and our industry proved we were up for the challenge, with continued growth and innovation happening throughout the year.

PMMI grew this year as well, with membership increasing by 59 companies, bringing us to 961 members strong.

Supporting you, our members, is our mission and what guides our work every day, and we are focused on the things that you value most: like staying connected to customers. We did this in 2021 with a successful PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, a comprehensive virtual event in Latin America, Enlace EXPO PACK, and new digital lead generating tools like 3D machine tours, allowing you to move more of the buying processing online. We keep the industry connected and remain focused on advancing your business.  

Next up in 2022 is PACK EXPO East in Philadelphia, followed by an array of other opportunities to connect you with customers, provide you with expert market research and trend reports, and keep you on top of emerging technologies. Check out PMMI’s weekly Conveyor – every Tuesday – or visit any time to keep up with everything we have going on. 

I am optimistic about what’s to come in 2022, and want to thank you for everything you did to make 2021 a successful year for PMMI and the industry.

Jim Pittas
President & CEO, PMMI

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